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	The last and least attractive by market capitalization is "Yield Guild Games". This is a much newer and more speculative cryptocurrency than others. None of the previous considered cryptocurrencies, does not go beyond the top 35, by market capitalization, but the game Guild "YGG" barely ranked in the top 250.
 	With price history, Dating back to only the end of July, "YGG" and its market capitalization to $ 475 million for the faint of heart, but the ambition of the project makes it an interesting speculative buy. So it is quite possible to include it in a high-risk investment portfolio.
	YGG is a decentralized autonomous organization that has created a community of online players and investors involved in the virtual economy. He invests in "NFT" and distributes the proceeds from renting out these virtual assets with his "guild members". NP has grown by more than 600% compared to the record low that was reached shortly after the launch, about three months ago