When everything in the world can be valued, and all actions are aimed at obtaining their own benefit, humanity dies.

Dies one way or another. This idea is simple and understandable, you can stop there, but unfortunately, a person is not able to draw the right conclusions, but interprets the author, in this case me, in a way that will be beneficial to him. There was a time when the brevity of statements was equated with the talent of the orator. There were people who could grasp the deep meaning of such statements. The world has changed, everything has become superficial, empty and meaningless in the speeches of people. And the one who has not lost the gift of understanding the depth of the word, more and more often stumbles upon “empty eye sockets” and involuntarily falls silent

So what happened? Money! That’s what rules the mind. This is what replaces goals and is a means. That which will not bring Wealth, but is synonymous with prosperity. Money is the killer of humanity. How did it happen? Everything is simple. Life has acquired a real value in terms of money. Man has become a resource. No money — no nothing. Food, house, clothes, health, rest, sleep, creativity, self-development, life. There is nothing without them and everything has a real value-price. And what is not bought directly, a person must pay for the time that he will spend to earn money. The meaningless cycle of an empty life. How to get out of it? I’m not sure if you want to hear this from me (… except for a generous donation). Mankind is arranged in such a way that at first it will gnaw the throat of its prophets, and then it will raise pieces of a rotting body on a pedestal How to live with it? Most likely not for long. On average, every few hundred years we destroy ourselves in fact to zero. Why does Bill Gates want to destroy people? Is this a mental disorder, or where did the “golden boy” get the “God complex” from? I will not consider other tyrants of our era, since everything is clear there, a classic of psychiatry. Money — when there is more of it than is required for a life without slave labor and free creativity, it changes the perception of the world and gives you additional responsibilities, you want to share them. Provided that the person is mentally healthy. But forcing a person to live paycheck to paycheck, in poverty, he is taught to be evil, distrustful and stupid. I would like to note that even in this case, real people keep their inner world beautiful. So how much money does it take to become a tyrant or a benefactor? It’s most likely not in quantity, but in relation to them. But the attitude towards them depends on their number. As long as «LIFE» has a price, there will be no happiness in the world, and all reasoning about this is meaningless.