World in which the development of technologies is racing at breakneck speed, and the understanding of their humanity and relevance is not taken into account. When a person’s common sense degrades, then in such a world a catastrophe is inevitable.


A lot of time has passed since the moment when a person first processed stone, wood, iron and other materials for their household needs. All of them inevitably, in one form or another, were sprinkled with blood. Everything that man invented and invented was sprinkled with blood.

Any human genius who found his way out of thought into an object was used as a weapon of destruction. The exception is perhaps the creations of art. But they were also indirectly stained with blood. They were killed and maimed, cheated and stolen for them. A reasonable question arises. What’s it? Is man destined to change or is he destined to be forever a slave to his essence, and what is this essence really like?

You, reading this, probably have the best opinion of yourself, and probably all your surroundings are fine, or at least none of them are capable of murder and other vicious acts. At least, no one admits this even to himself, so as not to give himself away to others. The most terrible thing for a person to be an outcast in his environment, self-love is the greatest of the treasures of the human mind. This treasure will be protected even at the cost of life, no matter whose. Technologies. So what is the chance that at least one of the «human benefits» will not become a weapon in one sense or another, that is, it will not be used against anyone?

The planet, nature, flora and fauna, man himself? In my opinion, this is a zero chance. And it doesn’t matter what it is and what good intentions were invested. Everything always comes to the same thing. Chaos, destruction and blood. How to change the world? How to make world peace, save all animals and nature? How to end wars, murders and violence? How not to be afraid, not to need, not to suffer. Why doesn’t the utopia of equality work? Why, being in society, does the individuality of views change in favor of the crowd? Do you have the answers, and most importantly, are you ready to accept them? I am an optimist with an altruistic attitude, but it is difficult even for me to look at how this world looks and is changing rapidly. Of course, he has always been and will always be like this. And my view of him is just a point in infinity. The injustice of the distribution of shared resources, mental disorders — an overestimated sense of self-importance, greed and fear, lack of education and irresponsibility are the eternal companions of a «reasonable» person.

With such baggage, it is not possible to build a society where everyone is equal and free. There are wonderful people, but there are no voices behind them, because they are equal and free. You will not see them in the crowd that shouts in the square, «For freedom!», they do not go to fight and kill, «For life!» They do not create charitable organizations to feed the whole world. These people are loners, they are messiahs, their voice sounds through time, but is inaudible to those living now. And so, the answer is whether we need a race for technology to improve life. No. We need to improve the quality of life through the inner development of the person himself, his spirituality. Only then will it be possible to talk about external changes in the world, but then it just turns out that the world is perfect and does not require improvements.

Good luck to you!