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In democratic countries, the system of registration and protection of intellectual property rights is developed. Where thoughts, plans, inventions take the form of financial instruments, which in turn helps protect your right of «first» and gain a competitive advantage, if your goal is to make a profit and beat competitors. But is it really so?

Anyone who has ever been interested in the protection of intellectual property rights has heard of the expression «patent trolling». What it is and how it works, we will not consider. You already know everything about him. I would like to pay more attention to the origins of this phenomenon. So to speak understand the causes and struggle with them. All over the world, people pay great attention to the fight against consequences, partially or completely ignoring the root cause. What is it in this case. Outdated procedure and bureaucratic approach. With the development of the world, abstract concepts and things that are obvious at a high level of self-consciousness but elusive in the strict rules of the established order began to play an important role. Which, in turn, cannot formulate and foresee all situations, as well as adequate solutions for them. Which in fact is another example of dealing with the consequences.

   But in order not to delve into the world of outdated canons, which are inherently a vicious circle, we will try to go beyond it. We will also not consider such concepts as conscience and honesty. Society cannot operate with these categories, let alone base its structure on them. We must look for a new concept of relationships, both in protecting the rights to intellectual property, and in general, in any business relationship. The technical solution is already ready, it is a workflow and databases based on blockchain technologies. But how to solve the issue of the human factor and its influence on certain mechanisms? And is it real? Yes and no. We are self-loving creatures, but only in the case when we see the framework for which "I want to go." Otherwise, we can be in ignorant slavery if we do not feel restrictions. You can argue and argue about this for a long time, but human nature is such that in any state other than death, it will strive to change the current order, both inside and out. It seems to me that the next solution to legal protection against "patent trolling", and legal protection in general, will be the same system of punishments. But on a more subtle level, not limiting, for example, the body to imprisonment, you can block any social activity and the opportunity to feed yourself. For example. Cash canceled, payment only by non-cash points. You are a violator or simply a subject objectionable to society. Aam block access to the account, accounts in government agencies, and so on. As a result, you cannot buy anything, and even earn or interact in general with the structure of the state and infrastructure in general. Would you like, having such a perspective, to break the civilized rules of the game? But that's just speculation, but who knows...