the security

Email is what we use most often to send documents. Reliable encryption, a critically important aspect for communication between organizations conducting commercial activities.

Does the path that the email goes through look like:
The message is created on the computer ➔ then sent to the sender's server ➔ from it to the recipient's mail server ➔ as a result, the recipient's computer downloads the message from its mail server.

The longer this chain is, the greater the vulnerability. One letter is already stored in four places. Plus, on each of the servers that it passes.

From this we can conclude that email is not the most reliable and confidential thing. An alternative may be to contact cyber security specialists. But in any case, it is better to switch to more secure servers, which at least offer encryption of the transmitted data and minimizing the path from the sender to the recipient. Also use multi-level authentication, wherever possible.

There are a lot of questions about email security and it's time to realize that the confidentiality of the sent data is an illusion. Everyone has the right to choose what to use. Not on the rights of advertising, I will say that I myself use protonmail and in some cases gmail