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At the beginning of 2022, in various reviews and ratings, Python continues to lead with slight fluctuations

The increase in the popularity of this language compared to the previous year was one and a half percent

What is the reason that most programmers choose this particular language? This is Laziness. A joke of course, but there is some truth in it. This is the easiest language to understand and learn. And this is the opinion of the majority of those who have encountered it. My opinion is the same, it is light and beautiful in its simplicity. I also tried to teach him, and even wrote a couple of simple programs, but later abandoned due to lack of time and life priorities, but due to recent events in the world and the trend that other professions are changing, and some are disappearing altogether, I am seriously thinking about resuming my studies.
What is important in programming? Solve a specific task in the shortest possible time. When a morally unprepared person sees some programming language, he will have a stupor and misunderstanding, if not shock. The same cannot be said about Python. Concise, friendly and beautiful. Yes, it is beautiful. This word will pop up in the mind of a person with a technological mindset. But maybe, as you have noticed, from the narrative style in my articles, I am not a «techie» by nature, but this is not alien to me in my thinking in categories and images. And because of this, I liked him so much.
In fact, there is no task that Python will not be able to cope with. And the developers who use it in their work earn very well.
I’m not trying to convince you of anything. In my opinion, everyone chooses what is close to him. For example, low-level languages are the basis of everything. Everything is written on them, including high-level ones, such as Python.
But they are not for everyone, if you don’t think in numbers, it will be difficult for you to understand and even more so to program on them. My advice to you is this. Learn the basics of everyone, then you will understand which one will be able to solve your task best. And which one to pay maximum attention to and make the main one in their activities.