Brands, who are they? We buy goods or still the idea embedded in them. Of course, many will say, of course the goods! And here it is not. We choose security and confidence. If you have a choice in front of you. Pay for a familiar trademark or for one that you see for the first time?


Most will choose «security» and «confidence». But there will also be those who, for the sake of interest or for other reasons, will buy a «novelty». It is these people who are the main target audience of any brand entering the market. It is these people who decide whether it will become a brand in the future.

By what all top managers of companies see in their pink dreams. And the belief in these dreams is supported by marketers and brand managers. Often, all these forecasts are taken from the air and are not supported by anything at all. At best, the big name of the brand agency, or the conclusions made on the basis of the focus group.

Why doesn’t it work? The human factor. Take you for example. You are in such a focus group, and you need to test the pencil. Yes, I am deliberately moving away from the topic of the question, because product testing is not at all what I started with, but it is one of the nails in the box for any brand. You picked it up, twirled it, appreciated the convenience, perhaps you remembered all your romantic letters written in the same pencil, but in a different color. Perhaps you will even gnaw it, or try to break it.

Then you will understand that this is just a pencil that can even write. …»We also need to fill out this questionnaire, with strange questions. I’m late for a meeting, I’m sorry I didn’t take the money in advance. It used to be easier, I read the instructions clearly. And here what? A lot of stupid questions about the pencil. What are these people doing here interestingly? He can change his profession, become a marketer, and then the boss always shouts at me where is the report for the quarter»…. And so on … .

Here is your focus group, with a smart look, trying to solve this «quest». And you need to understand how they interact with the pencil, whether they fill out the questionnaire objectively enough, what advantages and disadvantages it has. Will this survey-test solve your tasks? What should the future buyer focus on in the end, because there are billions of pencils in the world. So why will this product become the best-selling, recognizable and beloved? The focus group will not give you answers to all these questions.

You probably won’t either. The reason is banal, it stands at the basics. If you do something, produce something, but you haven’t given yourself an answer, Why? You are doomed to fail. It could be another one in a million, a brand selling pencils. Yes, you will make a profit, perhaps even a huge one. But in the long run, there is no major league in sight. So who are They? Brands? Logos and advertising companies? Solutions created by top-class marketers? The product of a clear economic forecast and miscalculation? My answer will be unambiguous and categorical, and you can agree with it or not in the form of «feedback». Accounts in social networks also work. (I will return to the discussion of this topic, with a more pragmatic and clearly formulated concept.

We will consider this article an introduction to the topic) Brands are obsessions in the minds of people who simply have no choice but to bring their ideas to life. This is the fire that keeps you awake at night, this is the desire to change the world, this is the delight of doing what you love. Brands are people who have realized a dream.