Photography is an art, but at the same time an everyday thing in our life. Previously, the installation of the frame took a huge amount of time, and the photographer’s work depended more on his skill in preparing for the shooting than on the process itself.


Now only those who have associated photography with their profession are engaged in setting the right frame. For amateurs like me, it will be enough to hold down the button and take a few hundred frames, so that then you can choose the one. But even this can be difficult, any little thing can spoil a unique frame.

In order not to think about the little things, there are countless software and programs. They are paid and free, simple and complex. And most importantly, they solve the task or not. Every photographer is a professional, he has long defined for himself a «gentleman’s set» of such programs. Ordinary users, in order to get what they want to see in the picture, often have to look for answers on forums. But how many people — so many opinions.

And instead of quickly solving one question, we often find ourselves with even more questions. What to do in this situation? How to work with photography at a qualitative level? The answer is obvious, use only the tools that suit you. The only question remains, where to find them? I personally found everything in one place, here. But I also want to advise you open source software on special Internet portals.

This is in case you are not ready to pay for professional tools or tasks that are not too complicated. Take only beautiful pictures, billions of bad ones have already been taken.